Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Which color eyeshadow, blush and lipstick goes with blonde hair, very pale skin and Blue eyes?

I just dyed my hair blonde yesterday and I have no clue what color makeup 2 use with blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. I have always used Golds and bronzes, and when my hair was brown I used purples and blues, which colors can I use now?

I can never get the right shade lipstick, so I need MAJOR info on lipstick?Which color eyeshadow, blush and lipstick goes with blonde hair, very pale skin and Blue eyes?
It depends on your underlying skin tone... are you warm or cool? Warm toned people (like natural redheads or strawberry blondes, for instance), look good in yellow, orange, green, brown; if those are your best colors, your fair skin would look great in golden ivory or light golden beige foundation, a soft peach or rust (bronze) blusher, soft greens, browns and yellows for eyeshadows, brown/black mascara, and a peachy or bronzey lip gloss... think warm fire tones (underlying gold tones, warm). Cool toned people (more people are this), look good is blue, pink, true red, purples, black; if these are your best colors, your fair skin would look best in cool ivory or light cool beige foundations, soft rose or plum blusher, soft lavenders, greys, charcoal eye shadows, black mascara, and a mauve or rosey lip gloss... think cool water, ice and snow tones (underlying blue tones, cool). Hope this helps!

p.s. The more orange or golden toned the color is, the warmer it is; the farther away from orange and gold a tone is (blue, purple, etc.), the cooler it is, hope this helps to simplify! ;0)

EDITED TO ADD; I remembered an excellent book on the subject of determining skin tone and make up choices for each skin tone, It is called Color Me Beautiful. It is a great source for color identification.. it deals with makeup, haircolor and clothing color. Ebay has it for DIRT cheap, I am attaching a link, it really is a must have for those who love makeup. One of the most common makeup mistakes women make is picking the wrong tones, this will take ALL of the guess work out of it... this book is from 1985, but color theory will remain the same; yellow and blue will always make green! ;0)

http://search.ebay.com/color-me-beautifu鈥?/a>Which color eyeshadow, blush and lipstick goes with blonde hair, very pale skin and Blue eyes?
Face- Give cheeks a pop of fresh color with Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain.

Eyes- Apply Tarte EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil to the lash line, an itty-bitty liner with a patented silicone system to prevent fading, and finish with Korres Deep Colour Mascara in Black 01.

Lips- Smooth lips with CARGO Plant Love鈩?Botanical Lipstick in Lola, a sparkling praline, followed with vitamin-infused shine from Tarte Double Dose in Pomegranate.

Everything I listed can be found at Sephora.com.

The look I've suggested is an fresh simple look. It gives you a rosy cheek, natural skin glow, and glistening pink lips.

I hope I've help!
I have semi blonde hair and blue eyes and what I do is keep it simple, i put on brown eyeshadow and then put pink on over it and line my eye brows with the pink, it looks pretty cool it think and i use a pink blush and a pinkish red lipstick, also try using a brown mascara if u want to look more natural. My eyeshadow came in a pack of 3 with 2 diff brown colors and a pink by covergirl, my blush is from clinique and my lipstick is a gloss from american eagle. Good luck!!
as for the lipstick, if you want to be bold you should use a bright red, that looks great for ppl with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.

a light pink eye shadow and a rosy blush would go great!
I would suggest some of the tips from this makeup guru some are a little ove the top but she has more moderate looks and tips overall for whats good for the fare hair and complexion
gold and green ook great. also use vasaline under mascara to lengthen strangthen eyelashes. lipstick: soft pinks.

for day wear very pastel soft and muted colors and at night go RED lips and coals on the eyes.

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