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What color blush (pics included)?

i usually just use bronzer, but i want to try blush. problem is i have no clue what color for my skin tone! any suggestions?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>What color blush (pics included)?
You have WARM skin tones, right? im not asking, im telling you.


Skin Color: Yellow, orange skin undertones

Eye Color: Brown, green, hazel

Hair Color: Brunette, red, blonde


Skin Color: Fair/light pink, olive, yellow skin undertones

Eye Color: All

Hair Color: All


Skin Color: Blue, pink skin undertones

Eye Color: Blue, violet, gray

Hair Color: Blonde, brunette, you dont want to use pink, the person that said pink is on crack.

go here:鈥?/a>

and look at the 19 colors you can use that will make you look so beautiful youll have to take it off because the beauty will be just too much for the world to handle.What color blush (pics included)?
I think a rose-y colour.. light pink would wash out your face i think . So i would go with a rose-plum colour.. a little darker, but not super dark that it clashes ;)

You know?

Try loook in MACcosmetics.. they have tons of great blushes for a lot of skin tones.. you're bound to find a colour that looks great!

Good luck !! xx
a light pink. you can try the blush and contour palette from coastal scents鈥?/a>
A peachy toned blush would suit you perfect! Don't forget to add lip gloss to finish the look! Have fun with the make up you will look great...
NARS - Orgasm, it's the universal blush. It looks great on everybody.
Something warm and rosy, or a salmon or coral color would look nice on you.
You should definitely wear a light pink shade on the apples of your cheeks. Use a light hand and blend well! :p
Peachy Pink.
A rose color. Try NYX blush in Silky Rose
i would go with like a rosie pink color
Wow, you're a stunner!!..whew!
i think a light pink would be good
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  • What color blush should I get?

    Hello everyone, I've never used blush and I want to buy some but I don't know what color would suit me best.

    I'm not going to a department store so that is not an option.

    I'm trying to decide between these colors:鈥?/a>

    I'm hispanic and use bare minerals as my only foundation and I don't use it all the tie either.

    Here is a picture of me:鈥?/a>

    Any advise is appreciated.What color blush should I get?
    Check out the product reviews on sephora's website...NARS blush is great and gives you a very natural look..What color blush should I get?
    Go with a bronzer for a sunkissed natural look to get your feet wet. Don't spend to much money. You might hate blush!! It took me well into my 20's to use it. I like bare minerals warmth also. Revlon makes a new bronzer that I like. But I would try something in the more peach bronze range for you. I have also heard good things about milani blush
    Collection 2000 have a new blush range [four shades] in......

    * So Pretty

    * Bashful

    * Breathless

    * Trouble

    I have the blush called ';trouble'; it's more of a pinky sort of color as I'm quite pale skinned.

    check them out at superdrug or boots stores.

    they are cheap and cheerful.
    bronze sensation 8.

    if you are looking for a more sunkissed blush go for terre passion 9.

    depending on how strong the colors go on, use the blush lightly and if you want the look darker, build the color up.

    Which color blush should I get for a Vanessa Hudgens look? Details and link inside?

    I love how vanessa wears her makeup really natural. I have dark dark brown hair, almost black, dark eyes, and light-medium skin tone. Here is the link of the blush i want. It is between Shiver and Attraction. Which is more Vanessa-esque?鈥?/a>

    Here is a picture of Vanessa's makeup:鈥?/a>

    Thank you so much!Which color blush should I get for a Vanessa Hudgens look? Details and link inside?
    Maybe just check in magazines or just check out stores with makeup near you.

    What color blush would look natural on my skin color ? [pics]?

    Okay, i know its not school yet, but what blush would look natural on my skin color in my yearbook pics. please put the brand of the blush and its color.

    the yearbook pics are going to be colored and i am probably going to wear a maroon shirt. I am just going to wear foundation, concealer and blush. Also don't recommend mascara because my eyelashes are really long and thick.

    My skin color is the same as theirs ( sorry I can't post my pic up):鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    Also I have long black hair halfway down my back.

    I want something natural like this (obviously I am talking about Beyonce !!!) :鈥?/a>

    Also like this but not dewy, i want matte.

    http://cdn.hellobeautiful.blackplanet.co鈥?/a>What color blush would look natural on my skin color ? [pics]?
    I realy like the pics you posted. I say you should use the coral or salmon blush. Its realy matches brown skinned people. I have brown skin too. here are the pics(its the salmon one -鈥?/a>

    Heres a pic with someone whering it on-鈥?/a>

    Heres the coral blush-鈥?/a>

    Heres some one whering it-鈥?/a>

    Hope this helpep :-) I say the coral blushWhat color blush would look natural on my skin color ? [pics]?
    Try a Rosey, Peach or Pink blush.
    you will always want to use a pinkish color
    use a bronzer
    It's really good you're going to wear maroon, it's easy to work with.

    Your color blush should be either a peachy pink or a cherry. Eyeshadow should be pink if you have brown eyes, smokey or dark red for blue, sparkly brown for green or hazel.

    If you decide not to go with maroon, choose white. It's really easy to work with, and usually makes people with that skin color look very attractive (so says guys I know....). Also straighten your hair!

    Natural color looking blush? my skin is light i have rose cheeks?

    peach color maybe?Natural color looking blush? my skin is light i have rose cheeks?
    there's this thing called barely blushing from napolieon perdis for $19鈥?/a>Natural color looking blush? my skin is light i have rose cheeks?
    Gently rub your cheeks with your finger tips to make them go a little red, then you can find a blush that matches.

    Face Color??? Blush or Luminizer?

    Should I get bare minerals blush or the luminizer?



    When I am pale (wintery season) I am a very light olive, but when I get tan I am a regular olive skin. Should I get a soft pinkish glow or a tanner glow?

    Should I even use it? I am 14 and don't want to look cakey or fake, just glowingFace Color??? Blush or Luminizer?
    i was just lookingn at this, didn't know the difference

    since you're pale, i would get blush to make your face ';Darker';

    if you want to glow, i would get luminizer

    for blush, i recommened narsFace Color??? Blush or Luminizer?
    i'd get blush

    those luminizers are awesome, and i totally want one, but especially in the winter, it's best to have a little color to you as opposed to a luminosity. that's why you get the blush, which adds a nice color.

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  • Which Color Blush?

    I really like this blush, but I don't know which color I should try.鈥?/a>

    I have light olive skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes (if that even matters lol).

    Thanks!Which Color Blush?
    id say the soft mauve or the fresh plum. not to dark but a nice color that will make your cheeks pop. :)Which Color Blush?
    If you have light olive skin like I do sky is the limit. one daytime look I love is a peach tone blush pink undertones which means blue/red so its not too orange,with a peach or nude lipgloss. Another choice is a pink shade or mauve ,with clear or pink gloss,or a bronzietone mauve with a nude lipliner and nude brownish gloss.. these are neutral choices to start with.
    Go for the corals! Per Self magazine Coral and Peach is the IT color now, so I just bought myself some neutrogena blush!
    plum, mauve or original rose
    dnt get a rlly light color
    Mauve or Plum